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Founded in 1919 by Cristóbal Balenciaga, French designer Balenciaga has long stood at the forefront of fashion with its continual redefining of modern day trends and reshaping of couture. With each new Artistic Director comes a contemporary take on silhouette, material, and character, but the overall Balenciaga vision remains edgy and elegant. With the latest lineup of Artistic Directors: Nicolas Ghesquiere (1997-2012), Alexander Wang (2012-15), and now Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia, the fashion house carries forward with its avant-garde aesthetics—such as Gvasalia’s off-the-shoulder down jackets paired with stiletto heels and stirrup ski pants. Balenciaga is one label that is able to push these boundary lines and have us constantly reevaluating what we find appealing. Balenciaga is known for revolutionizing women’s and men’s fashion with never-before-seen offerings of bags and purses, clothing, accessories, shoes and much more. Shop Buyma’s exclusive collection of women’s and men’s Balenciaga bags, shoes, clothing, and more items in our online Balenciaga store.

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Triple S

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$12,660 HKD
$8,329 HKD
34% off
Luxury 连帽衫
$11,634 HKD
$5,356 HKD
53% off
$9,562 HKD
$6,593 HKD
31% off
街头风格 Logo 折叠钱包
$3,662 HKD
Unisex 街头风格 Logo 手提袋
$7,462 HKD
$5,803 HKD
22% off
街头风格 Luxury 针织及毛衣
$11,196 HKD
$5,478 HKD
51% off
休闲的风格 街头风格 合作 Logo 斜背包
$8,329 HKD
$4,861 HKD
41% off
休闲的风格 Unisex 街头风格 Logo 背包
$6,484 HKD
$4,995 HKD
22% off
Unisex 単色 皮革 Logo 仿皮卡包
$2,029 HKD
$1,079 HKD
46% off
Unisex 単色 Logo 手镯
$3,539 HKD
Unisex 街头风格 Logo 斜背包
$6,764 HKD
$5,478 HKD
19% off

Balenciaga has continued to revolutionize men’s and women’s fashion since the fashion house’s establishment in 1919. Balenciaga offers a large assortment of trendy women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and more. From women’s Balenciaga purses ranging in styles from crossbody bags, tote bags and shoulder bags to men’s sneakers and trainers, our online Balenciaga store has everything you’re searching for. Today Balenciaga is adored by notable icons such as Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and other celebrities, which has contributed to the brand’s success over the years. Discover your next obsession from Balenciaga with items like bags, clothing, and accessories through Buyma’s online Balenciaga store.

Buyma’s online Balenciaga store has an exclusive selection of women’s and men’s luxurious fashion items with thousands of pieces like Balenciaga clothing, purses and bags, wallets and accessories, and more. Explore Buyma’s online Balenciaga store featuring women’s and men’s Balenciaga items that you won’t want to miss out on, including iconic Triple S and Tyrex shoes, women’s Classic City purses, leather wallets & accessories, and sophisticated clothing in our online Balenciaga store. Shop women’s and men’s Balenciaga items today to find your next obsession.

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