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Christian Louboutin’s trademark red bottom shoes were born partly from a youthful angst and a desire to “break the rules." Elegant and edgy, Louboutin shoes succeed in spiking our interest in the typical hidden region of the dressed foot. Amongst the extensive and impressive list of clientele are celebrity names such as Catherine Deneuve, Angelina Jolie, Marion Cotillard, Blake Lively, Madonna, Tina Turner, Britney Spears, and Sarah Jessica Parker all sporting these statement red bottom heels. The Christian Louboutin brand now boasts an extensive range of goods, including wallets and other small leather goods, handbags and beauty products such as nail polish and lipstick. The designer has ultimately culminated its image in the grandiose, anything-but-ordinary #LouboutinWorld way. Buyma’s online Christian Louboutin store features a wide variety of men’s and women’s Christian Louboutin items from Christian Louboutin shoes, wallets, bags, accessories, and many more luxurious pieces.

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The iconic sneakers at Chrisitian Louboutin for men and women both. There are 2 basic shapes; high-cut and low-cut, but has varieties in materials such as calfskin and cotton with its iconic studded (spike) sneakers. The red sole is also the icon, and fashionistas mostly get LOUIS as their first Christian Louboutin.
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Inspired by elegant showgirls since the 2016SS collection. The iconic studded sneakers (spikes on side) with the rich various materials. It comes chain (except totes) and can be used as a clutch for party as well.
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単色 皮革 Logo 信使及肩包
$7,837 HKD
$6,920 HKD
11% off
Unisex 単色 皮革 Logo 手提袋
$12,225 HKD
単色 皮革 Logo 信使及肩包
$11,280 HKD
$9,100 HKD
19% off
単色 皮革 芭蕾舞鞋
$7,328 HKD
$6,512 HKD
11% off
$13,024 HKD
$7,323 HKD
43% off
$13,728 HKD
$7,714 HKD
43% off
Unisex 帆布 A4 Logo 手提袋
$10,185 HKD
$6,205 HKD
39% off
$8,887 HKD
$3,984 HKD
55% off
$8,070 HKD
$3,963 HKD
50% off
其他动物的图案 皮革 Logo 仿皮卡包
$4,053 HKD
小牛皮 Logo 斜背包
$13,359 HKD
$7,658 HKD
42% off
$17,441 HKD
$7,080 HKD
59% off
Unisex 铆钉装饰 Folding Wallet Logo 折叠钱包
$4,092 HKD
$2,874 HKD
29% off
$4,621 HKD
$4,181 HKD
9% off
尼龙 街头风格 A4 2WAY 単色 Logo 手提袋
$9,503 HKD
$5,863 HKD
38% off
铆钉装饰 街头风格 皮革 Logo 運動鞋
$6,831 HKD
$4,696 HKD
31% off

Christian Louboutin, one of the most well-known shoe designers in the industry, was founded in Paris in 1991. Christian Louboutin’s statement red bottom shoes are luxurious, having established an impressive list of clientele throughout the years from some of the most popular celebrities. Christian Louboutin first worked as a freelance designer at Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Roger Viver before opening his first store in Paris in 1992. With sophisticated styles and pieces of the highest quality, our selection of Christian Louboutin shoes, bags, accessories and more has everything you could possibly want from the iconic designer.

Whether you’re in need of a new pair of statement red bottom heels or want to stock up on sophisticated nail polishes, our online Christian Louboutin store has an exclusive selection of men’s and women’s Christian Louboutin items to choose from. Christian Louboutin’s luxurious shoes, bags, accessories, wallets & more are synonymous with luxury and elegance. Discover men’s and women’s Christian Louboutin items to see why the brand has such an extensive list of high-profile clientele. Explore Buyma’s online Christian Louboutin store to browse thousands of featured men’s and women’s Christian Louboutin items, including red bottom shoes, wallets and other leather goods, purses, beauty products and more. Find your next Christian Louboutin obsession today.

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